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  • 2016 Golden Berlin Bear for Best Short Film (Nominee) - <White Bird> (Lead role)
  • 2016 The Short Film Corner of Cannes Festival - <Rain Dance> (Support role)

Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant 2013:

  • First - Runner Up Award
  • Most Photogenic Award
  • Most Popular Award
  • Best Talent Award
  • Best Presentation Award

Film/TV Credits影視作品


    Michelle Sun is a TV, film trilingual actress in English,Chinese and Japanese. She recently just finished shooting for a reality show - 'The Wild West’ traveled along Route 66, produced by Joy Holiday Inc.

     She has tremendous experience working as an actress,  show host and voice over actress for films, Television, commercial and video games.

She traveled back to China in October, 2014 for multiple auditions. She first featured in 'Better Off Single" directed by Benjamin Cox in New York. She then booked her principal role in ‘Forever Young’ a feature film that was screened globally in June, 2015. Along with another principal role in  ‘The Rise Of a Tomboy’, which screened in spring of 2016. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, and is pursuing jobs as an actress for theatre, films and television.

     There's no doubt that Michelle Sun is a bright, cheerful and comedic girl who always brought positive influences and laughter to her surroundings. Michelle Sun also performs at stand-up and writes comedy sketches with her director friends, aiming to become the next biggest comedian on screen.

Michelle Sun competed in 2013 Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant, she was the first winner to win more than 3 awards at once since 2002 when the Beauty Contest was first funded.

Michelle Sun,孙小雪9岁移居日本、13岁随母亲来到美国,在不同文化 背景下成长的Michelle,不但培养出热情正向且积极独立的个 性,也发展出多方面的兴趣。精通中英日文的她,从小擅长舞 蹈(街舞),从高中起筹组街舞团并餐与各大小活动演出。 这些经历与特点不仅深化了Michelle作为演员的演出能量, 也让大家在真人秀及节目主持中可以看见她活泼开朗、亲近且 反应灵敏的一面,16年春季刚刚拍完真人秀《狂野美西》的 Michelle现在在洛杉矶和台湾正在准备电影拍摄。 在母亲的鼓励下,Michelle报名参加了2013年度的纽约华 裔小姐比赛,经过层层的训练与考验,她不但获得了亚军的头 衔,还得到了「最佳才艺」、「最上镜头」、「最佳形象」 与「最佳人气」等多个奖项,成为纽约华裔小姐2002年创办 以来获奖最多的佳丽。 此外,她参演了舞台剧《西太后》(2013) 在纽约的演出, Benjamin Cox导演《Better Off Single》(2014),由何炅导演的《栀子花开》(2015),由郭大雷导演的《女汉子-真爱公式之完美恋人》(2015) 、由张猛导演的《不期而遇》(2016)和刚刚结 束拍摄的网络大电影《空间裂缝》(2016)。而两部皆由 Michelle所主演的短片《白鸟》和《恩泽》分别入围了16年的柏林最佳短片 及16年的戛纳短片影展。

做为一名演员,声音表演是极其重要的一环,而Michelle 也拥有院线电影、电视、广告和游戏人物配音的经验。 除此之外,Michelle曾为苹果手机,以及Adidas 拍摄广告。 为Gnossem服装品牌以及"Eight Senses”杂志担任过模特。 2014年华美模特儿(CA Model)比赛中,Michelle也曾受邀作为 嘉宾,为大家带来了动感的街舞。

Award winner of 2013 Miss Chinese NY Beauty Pageant

Award winner of 2013 Miss Chinese NY Beauty Pageant

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